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The subtitle pretty much says it all. I look forward to reading your comments.

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I sometimes need to spew off my ideas, my impressions. I also need to let off some steam because of all the stupidity that gets shoved in our face every day.

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2007-07-19 - 17:32:23

iPhone Magic

Times change. What was big a few years ago just doesn't matter anymore.

iPhone Magic
Which is why, if Steve Jobs had a bigger sense of humour, he would have concluded about the iPhone this way:

"The iPhone... An amazing product. It's four things in one. It's a cell phone. It's an iPod. And it's breakthrough Internet device. And, you'll love this... It's also a calculator!"

Just imagine the ensuing silence. Now, everytime anybody mentions the three things the iPhone is, I always add "and it's a calculator". You should do it to!


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