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About this Blog
The subtitle pretty much says it all. I look forward to reading your comments.

About the Author
I sometimes need to spew off my ideas, my impressions. I also need to let off some steam because of all the stupidity that gets shoved in our face every day.

Et cetera

This is where I say what I have to say when I have nothing left to say

2008-01-03 - 23:47:01


There are moments in life, when you're in bed and can't get to sleep, that a feeling of despair becomes too great to bare. At that moment all you can do is hang on to a fleeting memory of some past joy with a desperate intensity until you feel like you start living again.

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2007-12-23 - 22:09:11

C'est Céline!

You know, it's not that I wish that Celine Dion didn't exist, it's just that I'd really be happier if she and my beagle didn't sound the same when they "sing"...

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2007-11-09 - 23:54:38

So here goes...

All right, I just finished modifying my blog software so that I can now type messages directly from the web page. This means I can now type some quick thoughts on my iPod Touch while watching TV.

I hope I'll be able to write about something more intelligent than the innane babel I'm listening to now... Good luck to us all.

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2007-07-19 - 17:32:23

iPhone Magic

Times change. What was big a few years ago just doesn't matter anymore.

iPhone Magic
Which is why, if Steve Jobs had a bigger sense of humour, he would have concluded about the iPhone this way:

"The iPhone... An amazing product. It's four things in one. It's a cell phone. It's an iPod. And it's breakthrough Internet device. And, you'll love this... It's also a calculator!"

Just imagine the ensuing silence. Now, everytime anybody mentions the three things the iPhone is, I always add "and it's a calculator". You should do it to!

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2007-07-06 - 21:57:01

Official sanity

OK, it's official. I listen to waaaaay to many podcasts...

The voices in my head now sound like Leo Laporte...

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2007-07-01 - 10:19:17

Canada Day

Can someone explain to me why the big show held in Ottawa for Canada Day was only broadcast on Radio Canada? Not the CBC, not CTV, not Global. Only the FRENCH network!

Thankfully, Quebec was there to maintain this country's unity...

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